Cherry-chocolate sundae

Spend your Sunday with some cherry-chocolate sundae to have a cherry-on-top kind of day. This recipe is so easy to make specially for your lazy Sundays that you will love it cherry much!

  • 1 cup- compound chocolate - dark

  • 1/4 cup- compound chocolate - white

  • 2 cups- cherries

  • 1 cup - whipping cream

  • 1 cup- fresh cream

  • Chocolate brownies/chocolate cookies

  • Choco chip- for garnishing.

1. Start by making dark chocolate ganache first, melt dark chocolate compound and fresh cream in equal proportions in a double boiler.

2. In a glass, crush some freshly chopped cherries at the bottom.

3. Add crushed chocolate brownies or chocolate. cookies, you can also add chocolate bars.

4. Pour the dark chocolate ganache over it.

5. Make a layer of chopped cherries over ganache.

6.Put some chopped white compound chocolate.

7. In a chilled bowl, start whisking the whipping cream, it is better to use a blender.

8.Add the whipped cream on top of the glass.

7. Garnish the beverage with choco chips, cherries or cocoa powder.

Your cherry-chocolate sundae is ready, have it for your evening chocolate craving or late night sugar rush. You can even glaze a few cherries with chocolate by dipping it into ganache at room temperature.

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