Classic vanilla waffles topped with goji berry chocolate

Ever since I received chocolate bars from KetoCulture, I have been baking literally daily. This time, I decided to make classic waffles topped with chocolate sauce!

  • 2 tbsp- cinnamon sugar

  • 1 tsp- vanilla extract

  • 1 1/2 cups- flour

  • 2 tsp- baking powder

  • 1 tsp- oil

  • pinch of salt

  • 1 cup- milk

  1. Preheat waffle maker according to manufacturers instructions. Also, preheat oven to 200 degrees F., for keeping the waffles warm.

  2. Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, vanilla extract and milk, mix well.

  3. Using a 1/2 measuring cup, scoop up batter and pour in the center of the heated waffle maker plate.

  4. Gently remove and place on a wire rack in the oven until the remaining waffles are made.

Classic vanilla homemade waffles are ready. Serve it hot with some chocolate ganache and top it with goji berries!

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