Overnight chia pudding

There are some mornings when you wake up late and do not really feel like making breakfast, these are some lazy weekends. Don't worry much about it as Chia seed pudding has got you in for a treat! These mini puddings are perfect for your healthy breakfast morning.

  • Chia seeds

  • 2 kiwis

  • Black grapes

  • Mint leaves

  • Cherries

  • 1 Pomogranate

  • Vanilla extract

  • Maple syrup

  1. 1.Soak some chia seeds in milk overnight

  2. 2.Add honey and vanilla extract to milk for flavour

3.Next day, make a base with a few cherries, kiwi, black grapes and oats

4.Pour the soaked chia seeds to the base and add some fresh mint leaves for flavour

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