Pomogranate mojito

With the increasing heat this summer, cool it down with some pomogranate mojito. I tried to use very less ingredients which are always in the fridge, it's pomogranate season, go make some pomogranate mojito!

  • 1 pomogranate

  • 2 lemons

  • 2 tbsp honey

  • mint leaves

  • crused ice

  • 1 bottle soda

  1. 1. Squish a few pomogranate seeds at the bottom of a glass

  2. 2. Put a lot if ice cubes into the glass .

  3. 3. Pour pomogranate juice and sweet lemon juice then some soda.

  4. 4.Don't stir, put a slice of sweet lemon a few pomogranate seeds on top with mint leaves.

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